Brazilian Portuguese for students at level B1



Day and Time : Monday from 08:15 to 09:30
Course duration : 30 weeks
Starting date : 18th September 2023
Format : Online

Brazilian Portuguese for students at level B1




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Welcome to Languages Unlimited, your online / in-house language training provider.

We are now taking bookings for upcoming 37.5-hour (30 weeks) online language courses in Brazilian Portuguese for level A1 and for level B1.

All courses will start in September 2023.

Note that:

– If you need clarifications about the levels, please contact us at or consult the CEFR level chart.

– If you are not sure about your level, contact us to organise a free telephone assessment.

You can book a group course for €400.00.

Finally, thank you for connecting your camera when you have a lesson as it is very difficult for trainers to teach a language to “invisible” students. We really appreciate your efforts on this.

Enjoy your language course with us!

Renaud Puyou, Director

This course is addressed to those who already followed a course at level A2 and wish to progress towards  level B1. It is generally suitable for students who have a good command of general Brazilian Portuguese. Components listed in the level A1 will be used as a refresher at the outset, but a needs analysis will be carried out at the beginning of the course to check more precisely the expectations and needs of the trainees in oral and written communication, subjects to be discussed, tasks and activities to be focused on…


1. To develop the language learner’s qualities as a social agent, i.e., the ability to make good use of a wide and specific repertoire of vocabulary, structures and set phrases; having sufficient linguistic and non-linguistic resources to cope and behave appropriately in the social situations in which he/she participates.

2. To develop the language learner’s qualities as an intercultural speaker, i.e. to foster the strategic use of procedures to reinforce attitudes of interest, curiosity, openness, empathy, etc. towards new cultures.

To enable him/her to access varied cultural examples from the various French-speaking countries, from different eras and different analytical perspectives, and incorporate knowledge (cultural, socio-cultural and linguistic), skills and attitudes that contribute to the development of his/her role as a cultural intermediary.

3. To develop the language learner’s qualities as an autonomous learner, and, as a result, he/she should be able to introduce greater flexibility into his/her belief system as regards the learning of languages.

Identify the strong and weak points in his/her profile as a learner and soften the characteristics that make up that profile.

Make strategic use of procedures to develop awareness that making progress in learning depends upon the control he/she exercises over the factors that affect it (attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, habits, learning styles);

Select the appropriate resources to resolve a query, practice or revise material, etc.


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    About the trainer:

    Ivonete Araújo Lopes

    Ivonete is an educator with a diverse teaching and educational background. Since 2001, she has taught Portuguese language in public primary and secondary schools.

    As a tutor in a primary school’s Continuing Education Federal Program for Teachers on Literacy from 2011 to 2013, she assisted teachers during training sessions for two years.

    She taught Portuguese Heritage Language Teacher (PHL) for two years at the Association of Brazilian Families in Ireland. She designed and implemented cultural language projects that promoted a strong connection between the Portuguese language, identity, and culture.

    Ivonete holds a Graduate Diploma in Localisation from University College Dublin (UCD) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching English Language and Translation from UNISO University in Brazil. Her academic journey also includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Portuguese and English from UNISO University.